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Welcome to Marshal Petroleum. Marshal Petroleum is an Independent Oil and Gas Exploration Company active in the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in the Black Warrior Basin and Gulf Coast Region of the Southeast US.
By originating and acquiring high quality prospects and employing the most advanced exploration, drilling and completion technologies, Marshal Petroleum is focused to deliver low cost, high value opportunistic financial growth to our Investor Partners.


The Black Warrior Basin of Alabama and Mississippi has produced over 10.6 million barrels of oil and 1.15 trillion cubic feet of gas. Marshal Petroleum has secured strategic leaseholds in this prolific region.


With over 30 years of oil and gas exploration experience, this Independent Oil and Gas Exploration Company is ready to leverage it’s knowledge and experience to successfully locate, produce and develop bypassed, and often overlooked, oil and gas reserves.


In the past, direct oil and gas participation has largely only been made available to the accredited Investors whose net worth is required to be greater than $1.0 million. Now, through recent legislation, all residents of the State of Georgia may take advantage of start-up investment opportunities.

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Marshal Petroleum is building a strategic liquid-rich portfolio designed to deliver a balance between risk and reward with a path to immediate revenue designed for long term growth. Please contact us to find out more.